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Greta’s Staging


Staging by GRETA

As part of our service to our clients, Greta provides a staging consultation and follow-up report. We also will help move and remove furniture and display items to stage your home for optimum dollar on your investment. You and your clients will say “Wow!”…and that is the whole idea. If you require or want a more extensive staging program, Greta can put a plan in place that fits your budget.

Below are some pictures from a staging Greta did recently that changed the whole feel of the home. No items were bought – just a little rearranging…

Greta’s staging along with the HD photography we hire out for our listings, will make your home look as good as it can- that is what we strive for. You are selling what you have so there is no magic, but our goal is to have buyers want to see your home after they check it out online.

The more people that look, the more chance you have to sell…it is that numbers game!

We know we can make a difference. Contact us for a no-cost consultation to sell your home.